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Fanfic chapter 8

     Keroro flopped around lazily in his swivel chair, groaning and mumbling about how tired he was. The last thing on his mind was to begin the Pekopon invasion meeting. Yawning loudly, he groggily looked around the room. Tamama sat in his chair, whistling patiently. He clearly didn’t care if the meeting started at all. Kururu was busy eating a plate of curry, totally focused on nothing but that. And of course, Giroro was steaming mad, ready to spring out of his chair and attack the sergeant. In the seat next to him, surprisingly enough, sat Dororo, an agitated expression on his face. Keroro turned to Moa, ignoring the death glare Giroro continued to cast upon him.

“Hmm...Moa, the invasion plan, please.” He yawned again. “Man, I’m tired. I was up building gunpla all ni-..”A silence swept over the room, and he could feel everyone’s eyes on him. Kero...maybe I shouldn’t have said that. The sergeant thought, sweat dripping from his face. “A-anyway~! I will now read the latest invasion plan!”He said excitedly, taking a few pieces of paper from Moa. After skimming through the words, he set it down on the table and over dramatically cleared his throat. “Okay! So the new invasion plan is–!”

     The green frog suddenly slunk into his chair, a defeated expression on his face. “Actually, we’re low on funds for the invasion, sooo....”

“BECAUSE YOU SPENT IT ALL ON YOUR USELESS GUNPLA!”Giroro butted in, a vein bulging in the side of his head. Though this happened at nearly every meeting, the red keronian’s anger never seemed to fan. He jumped as he felt a soft hand touch his arm, snapping him out of his fit. Turning, he saw none other than Dororo, his blue eyes quieting him instantly. Giving a small sigh, he looked back up at the sergeant with a peaceful expression. “Please...continue.”He mumbled.

     Keroro scratched his head, confused. Never before had Giroro calmed down so quickly. Obviously the bond between these two were strong. The sergeant flashed Dororo a grateful smile before continuing. “Ahem! Anyway, our invasion funds are low so I propose we go after this!”He declared, holding up a wanted poster for the whole platoon to see. Printed on its surface was none other than a dreaded space cerberus, looking as if it would jump off the page at any moment. Its battle scared body was lean and muscular. Menacing claws protruded from its large paws, and each head had its own set of razor sharp teeth. Red eyes filled with hate and bitterness burned a hole through each member of the platoon. The picture alone was enough to intimidate them. None could imagine what it would be like to face the real thing. Keroro snapped his fingers, bringing the others back to reality. “Apparently this cerberus is wanted in 3 different planets, including Keron. It has caused havoc and chaos where ever it goes. My sources tell me it is currently hiding on Pekopon, right here in Japan! And if it destroys all the toy shops, where will I buy my Gunpla!?”He slammed his fist on the table, determination gleaming in his eyes. “I won’t stand for it! We are going to take this thing down! I mean, just look at all that prize money!” Pointing to a long line of numbers under the cerberus picture, he snickered happily. “800,000 space dollars! Can you believe that? Not to mention we’ll probably get a huge bonus from Headquarters!” A devious look flashed across his face. “Then...I can buy all the Gunpla I want! Kero kero kero~!”

     The room remained silent, all except the sergeant who continued to whisper to himself. All  other eyes were fixed in a solemn stare at the space cerberus' picture, and something further beyond. Dororo gulped and reached for his lover’s hand, who in turn, gently stroked it with his thumb. Hunting down the cerberus would not be an easy job, but, both knew that with their combined efforts, it could be done.

“I’ll do it.” Giroro said with determination ringing in his voice.
“As will I.” Dororo agreed with equal enthusiasm, tightening his grip on Giroro's hand. Grinning at the red keronian from behind his mask, a special message was sent: We can do this.

     The sergeant smiled wildly, looking between the corporal and the lance corporal. “Ohhh! You’ll do it!? Alright!” He chimed. His smile faded as he lay his eyes on Tamama and Kururu, who still seemed to be shaking in their boots. “And what about you two? Are you on board or what?” The two other subordinates jumped, fidgeting nervously. They clearly didn’t like the plan at all.

     Tamama was the first to speak. Looking up at his beloved sergeant with scared eyes he replied, “I-I don’t know about this, Gunso-san, desu. I mean, I’ll go with you, but this seems...risky.” Dropping his eyes to the ground, he tried to look on the bright side. At least I’ll be with Gunso-san! He thought with a feeble smile.

“Ku ku ku~... Then I guess I don’t have a choice. This sounds interesting so I’ll come...ku.” Kururu added, sitting back nonchalantly in his chair, cooly eating the last grain of rice from his curry.

     The sergeant jumped up and down with excitement. “Alright! Thank you everyone~! We’ll leave first thing tomorrow! The sooner we destroy that thing, the sooner we get the prize money, and the sooner I can buy more Gunpla-... I mean start the invasion!” He added hastily.

     And so it was decided. Tomorrow they would go and hunt down the space cerberus. The platoon dispersed from the meeting room to go make preparations for the day to come. Giroro and Dororo left hand in hand, ready for the day to come.
Finally, it's here! Chapter 8 at long last. Sorry I made you guys wait so long. I've been lazy and had writer's block for like...ever. To tell the truth, I'm making this all up as I go along!^^; I usually get my ideas when I'm sitting in bed trying to sleep. Not sure what I'll do after this. I've been thinking about giving this story a title, so if I was going to, it'd be called "Promises". On I called it "Love is War" because of a previous idea that I had but then abandoned. Gonna have to change that. Oh, and if you're wondering was Moa is doing, she's just gonna hold down the fort at the base! xD Enjoy!

Next chapter:[link]

All characters (c) Mine Yoshizaki
puddathere Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2009  Student General Artist
I"ve just started readingthis and it's GREAT!!!! I really want 2 read more ^.^
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Yay!!!I was waiting for this!!! :hug: :heart:
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Aww, thanks! Sorry to make you wait. :<
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