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Fanfic chapter 10

     The gentle ‘put put’ of saucer engines echoed through the air as the vehicles flew over a vast stretch of wood. Two Keronian soldiers skillfully maneuvered the crafts left and right, their sharp eyes scanning the area below. A canopy of treetops blocked vision of the forest floor, making their being on the saucers pointless. Giving a quick nod to each other, they descended to the ground, their ear flaps flowing in the breeze. The leaves stirred as they landed, gently falling back onto the grass with a soft shhh. Giroro was the first to step off, going over to his partner to courteously help him off his own saucer. Dororo smiled behind his mask, gracefully stepping onto the ground. Looking at the forest around him, he figured it would take too much time to search as a group. Resting his gaze on Giroro, who was also observing his surroundings, he spoke up.

“Maybe we should split up. It would take less time that way.” He suggested, a bit hesitant. The crimson frog turned to him in an instant, the same uncertainty in his eyes. He opened his mouth as if to say something, but closed it again, a gleam of trust and confidence flashing across his dark orbs.

“Alright.” Giroro complied, nodding, voice low. In a harder tone he added, “But call if anything happens!” Dororo heard the worry and concern in his voice, even though he tried to hide it best he could. The ninja shared it equally, and as he stared at his lover, he wondered if this would be the last time he would see him. He shook his head vigorously, not noticing the strange look Giroro was giving him. I mustn’t think like that. There’s no way we’ll lose! He told himself, tightening a fist.

“O-oy, Dororo! Did you get any of that?” The corporal asked, chuckling a bit, lightening the mood.
     Dororo blinked in surprise, feeling hot with embarrassment. “S-sorry! And I will. You too, Giroro-kun. Though I doubt we’ll find anything. But still...” He grabbed the weapon specialist’s hand, giving it a small squeeze. “ careful.” The ninja didn’t wait for a reply, but jumped into the air with his usual ‘toya’, hopping from tree to tree, leaving Giroro with the two saucers. The red Keronian stared after him for a while, and, with a small sigh, went his own way. He crept through the forest with quiet, careful steps; always ducking into the bushes or behind a tree whenever he heard anything the least bit suspicious. But when it turned out to be nothing, he couldn’t help but feel relieved.

     Soon he stumbled upon a familiar place, a sense of nostalgia washing over him. It was the swing, looking exactly the same as when he had last seen it. Then again, he was hallucinating a bit with that fever, so maybe it wasn’t. A smile creased his face. This was a very precious place to the two Keronians, and only known by the two Keronians. He gingerly touched the trunk of the tree with his hand, looking at it admiringly.

     Birds suddenly began to squawk wildly, scattering into the sky. A feeling of menace spread throughout Giroro’s body, sending shivers down his spine. A loud rustle of the trees signaled that something was on its way, something big. Holding his hand out, a gun materialized, and he gripped it tightly, ready for whatever may be coming. He listened intensely, trying to pinpoint its direction. Realization spread through his eyes, and he pointed his gun to his right. “Over there!” He yelled, and fired, the gun’s crack echoing through the air. Then, all was silent, as if the whole forest were holding its breath. His shoulders relaxed, and he lowered his gun. What was that? Giroro wondered.

      The red warrior’s questions were answered as a huge, dark figure exploded from the bushes on the opposite side, bounding towards him with incredible speed. It took him totally by surprise, and he had no time to react as he was gripped by the neck and smashed into the tree which held the swing. Razor sharp claws dug into his skin, immobilizing him almost completely.  His body surged with pain, but when he tried to scream, his neck was only gripped tighter, cutting off air. The gun slipped from his hand, going off as it reached the ground. The creature didn’t even flinch. As Giroro looked into the face of his adversary, three sets of eyes stared back at him. They were like chips of ruby, cold and hard, but filled with so much hate and blood thirst, he thought he may drown. Each head bared its knife like teeth at him, an acid like drool dripping from their maws. Their breath was hot on his face, stinking of something unnameable. No doubt about it, this was the wanted space cerberus. Harsh snarls rose up from the beast, making Giroro’s blood run cold. Its power was truly amazing, he thought. With almost no effort at all, it already had him on the brink of death. No wonder it was wanted in three planets. He gasped for air, making a desperate attempt to break free. It’s no use. I’m as good as dead... And once this thing is done with me, Dororo may be next... The once strong and mighty corporal felt helpless as the life drained from him. Not only could he not protect himself, but now he couldn’t protect the one person he truly loved, even after he promised he always would. A single tear rolled down his cheek, the image of Dororo flashing across his mind. “” He managed to choke out, closing his eyes.


     A loud wailing wrung out through the forest, shaking the trees. Giroro could feel the grip on his neck being released, the air flowing back into his lungs so fast it felt as if someone had punched him in the gut. He fell to the ground with a thud, breathing heavily and shakily. The metallic smell of blood hung in the air, sending a jolt of fear through him. Who’s blood was it exactly? In the back of his mind, he was slightly aware that someone was shaking him, shouting his name frantically. Opening his eye a crack, relief washed over him as he viewed Dororo, unhurt. The ninja looked shocked and horrified, as if he would burst into tears at any moment. A blood stained katana lay at his side, and as Giroro finally came back to his senses, he saw that it was actually the cerberus who had been hurt. Deep red oozed from a gash on its leg, and it writhed in pain, furiously tearing up the undergrowth with extended claws. Giroro’s eyes shot open, and he looked from the cerberus, the tree, and Dororo. What if that thing destroys Dororo and I’s special place? He gritted his teeth, sitting up, fully energized. He wouldn’t let that happen. They had to kill it fast.

“Giroro-kun! Are you alright?! Can you stand?!” The ninja exclaimed, checking his body over. Fortunately, there seemed to be no real damage, only a few scratches. Dororo sent a silent prayer to the gods. The cerberus could have killed either of them in a single strike from its massive paws.
     Giroro looked at his lover gratefully, unable to find words to properly express it. “Okay as I can be in a time like this. Thank you, Dororo. You saved my life. And-..LOOK OUT!”

     Grabbing Dororo by the waist, he pushed them both out of the way of where the cerberus’s lashing tail would have hit them a second longer. Looking back at where the tail had hit the ground, they were both amazed to see that it had left at least a three foot indent in the hard dirt, surely killing them if they were there. The ninja crawled out from under Giroro, quickly helping him to his feet. “And now we’re even.” He commented, drawing out his katana again. The cerberus turned to face them, hackles raised. An anger like nothing they had never known gleamed in its many eyes. Blood still seeped from the cut the sword had made, but the monster cared not. It was now bent on killing the two Keronians. “Well, I think it’s time we got down to business, huh Giroro-kun?” Dororo suggested, a puff of smoke enveloping him. As the smoke cleared, a belt equipped with various ninja weapons lay wrapped around his torso. A ninja headband marked with a four pointed star was strapped to his forehead, his veil now a deep black. Steel plated armor ran up his arms, and gloves covered both hands.

“Hmph! I thought you’d never ask. This son of a bitch won’t know what hit him.” The weapon’s specialist grunted, rocket launchers appearing on his shoulders and legs. A large, high tech, gun appeared in his hands, marked with the code “G66". Cyber swords lay on his back for him to use during close range combat, along with a special army knife tied to his waist. Also around his waist were several hand grenades. The lust of battle shined in his eyes as he placed his finger on the trigger. He felt so powerful, fighting side by side with Dororo, like nothing could stop him. Being with the ninja game him strength and he knew that there was no way they could lose.

     With a mighty snarl, the cerberus leapt at them, its gaping jaws revealing massive canines. The two moved nimbly to the side, avoiding the attack. Giroro proceeded to shoot at the beast; while Dororo skillfully threw shurikens at it. It was no good, all attacks were deflected by its armor like skin.  

“W-what the-?!” They both stuttered, dumbfounded. Not even a scratch was made. The three headed beast seemed to give a wily smirk as it realized that it was untouched. Stretching out a massive forearm, it tried to strike them down, missing their heads by only mere centimeters. They hurriedly jumped back, and into the protection of a nearby tree, their hearts pumping wildly. The cerberus slammed into it relentlessly, raking the bark with its claws.

“Shit! That didn’t work at all?! Then how are we supposed to kill it?!” Giroro yelled, his eyes burning with intensity. How was Dororo able to slash through it before? He asked himself. Looking at the cut mark made before from his perch in the tree, he realized that it was actually made on a seemingly softer part of the cerberus’s skin, on the upper part of the leg, closer to the belly. “That’s it! Dororo, we need to cut through its stomach! It’s soft enough there!” He told the ninja, who stared disbelievingly at him.

“E-eh?! But how are we supposed to do that?! I don’t think that it’ll roll over for us.”

“Heh. I don’t think so either. But I have a plan. Listen carefully...” Leaning in, he quickly whispered their plans of attack. Dororo listened intently, taking in every word. The tree shook violently, almost knocking them off. It wouldn’t be long till it would be ripped from its roots by the enraged beast below. With a nod and a look of determination, the plan commenced.

                                         “Dororo! Engage!”

“Dororo ninja art! Cloning technique!” The ninja recited, locking his fingers together. At that moment, several other blue keronians appeared, surrounding the cerberus, who now had a confused look in its piercing eyes. Not sure who to go for, it thrashed out at all of them, each one leading it closer to a small opening. In the confusion, the corporal slipped away, several bombs held against his chest. The Dororo copies finally lured the beast into the clearing, allowing themselves, all but one, to be struck by their pursuer. The cerberus looked pleased as each clone disappeared in a cloud of smoke, giving another sick smile. But that was soon replaced with distress as an explosion of grenades went off around it, greatly startling the monster. It cried out in surprise, running out of the black veil of smoke that enveloped it. Another trap was triggered as it ran over a clear string, where it was then bombarded with a flurry of sharp kunais, falling to the ground as they hit the cerberus’s hard body. The dog like alien let out a roar of frustration, stepping back a few feet. Just then, a large rope was held out behind it, tripping the beast as it stepped back. Yowling with bitterness in its voice, it feel to the ground, exposing its soft underbelly. Wasting no time at all, the two keronians appeared from the bushes, swords raised. One made of a beautiful earth metal, and one made of light itself, were gripped in their hands. The cerberus’s three heads looked up in terror as the keronians charged towards it. No longer was it the feared monster that was wanted in three different planets, but instead, a helpless pup.

“GET OUT OF HERE!” The two warriors cried, piercing the beast’s stomach with their swords. The cerberus’s body convulsed, and as it shrieked in agony, blood spewing from its mouths, staining the earth. Even more blood gushed from the wounds that the crimson and blue frog had made, their bodies now spattered with the substance. Hatred mixed with remorse entered the enemy alien’s eyes as it took one last look at the ones who had killed it, before all color faded from them. Its body gave a massive shudder before going limp, now dead on the forest floor.

     Panting heavily, the two keronians climbed off of the cerberus, sheathing their swords. They looked from each other, to the cerberus, then back again. Staring deeply into each other’s eyes, they felt as if a great load had been lifted. Giroro was the first to break the silence.

“We...we did it! We killed it!” He rejoiced.

     Dororo gave a feeble smile, casting his gaze once again to the dead cerberus. You were a formidable enemy. I hope you leave this world in peace. The ninja prayed.

“That’s right. There wasn’t a doubt in my mind that we couldn’t have done it if we did it together.” He replied thoughtfully.

     Giroro grinned happily before retrieving a communicator from a sack on his belt. Clicking it on, he tried to get a hold of the sergeant. “This is Skull 1. Come in Keroro. We just killed the space cerberus. I repeat: Dororo and I just killed the space cerberus. Awaiting your orders.” Almost immediately Keroro’s voice chimed in, along with the muffled sounds of other voices. They must be in the city or the underground alien bazar.

“That’s great! I’ll call Headquarters right now and tell them. We’ll fly over to your location as soon as we can. Keroro out!” A beep followed by static indicated that the sergeant had hung up, and Giroro put the communicator back into his sack. Walking over to Dororo, he put his arm around his shoulder, who in turn rested his head on the red frog’s. They had both fulfilled their promises to protect one another, and it still stood strong. This was the outcome they had hoped for. Victorious and alive. Together.
I'm surprised at how fast I got this chapter done. I guess I've just been crazy with inspiration lately! Sorry the fight scene isn't too epic! D: I'm not very good with that. But enjoy anyway! Comment please. <33

All characters (c) Mine Yoshizaki
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